4 Tips for Becoming an Archaeologist

Archaeology is an exciting field, though maybe not as exciting as Indiana Jones portrayed it. If you’re still interested in the field, however, here are four tips for getting started as an archaeologist.

1. Stay Appraised of Current Events

If you want to join the industry someday, you’ll need to know what’s going on and who’s making important discoveries each year. Subscribe to things like Archaeology Magazine and Acta Archaeologica, and visit archaeology blogs regularly.

2. Talk to Your Professors

Most professors are thrilled to discover someone with a genuine interest in archaeology. Don’t be afraid to stay after class and pepper them with questions or grill them on their real-world experience. They’ll be valuable resources in your archaeological journey, so make full use of them while you can.

3. Understand the Lingo

Know what a geophysical survey is and how down-hole tomography is done. Understand the various methods of resistivity imaging. You don’t have to be an expert in these things, especially if you’re still a student, but you should be familiar with the terms if nothing else.

4. Go Exploring

Nurse your passion for archaeology through self-directed study. Take nature walks through parks, gardens and forests; participate in sponsored digs with your local archaeology club; ask your professors if you can tag along to their next excavation.

These are just four tips for beginning your career as an archaeologist. Grab your whip, Indiana, because the field is growing by the day!

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