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The Nostalgia Machine: the machine back in time to the music!

The Nostalgia Machine is a real UFO on the Internet. If you are a music lover, you’ll add this site to your favorites directly. And for good reason. It offers the very best sounds of the 1960-2013 …

5 sites to create a playlist for free on Internet

Listen to music on the Internet is a real treat. You run a site in your browser and press play. No more illegal downloading or CD burning. Today, up to Playlist free. And to make your life easier, I decided today to offer you 5 sites to create a free playlist on the Internet …

5 sites to listen to music legally and for free on Internet

Internet is the fastest way to listen to music there. A simple search and you get thousands of results. But today, instead of making up large signs (Spotify, Grooveshark, Deezer, or others) I decided to make room for lesser-known sites. A independent artists looking to stand out on the Internet and that propels their music […]

7 websites to listen to free streaming music

There was a time where we store tens and tens of gigabytes of music on our hard drives. But that time is long gone! Today, everything happens online. Need to download music illegally on you freely available on the internet! To help you make your choice, here are 7 websites to listen to free streaming […]

Tunefind, find music from movies and TV series

Soundtracks are an integral part in movies and TV series. At the first note, you can replay the movie in your head. An example: Pulp Fiction would not have become as worship without the unforgettable soundtrack that accompanies! Another one? The soundtrack to the film Saturday Night Fever (written by the Bee Gees) remains in […]

25 sites for listening music for free on the internet

Today it is no longer necessary to download music illegally. Platforms listening streaming are numerous. With the list I propose below, you can easily find what you are looking for. Whether an artist, album, song or playlist. Have fun you good ears with these 24 sites to listening music for free on the internet …

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