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5 reasons to take a rest from blogging during the summer

This year I have 5 weeks of vacation: 3 weeks of statutory leave and two weeks of paternity leave (yes, it’s good to be a youth). And one thing for sure is that I do not intend to spend the 5 weeks of vacation to scratch behind my computer to find you a good article! […]

Finally, Move To The New Hosting

Finally, has been moved to the new hosting. Don’t worry, you’re still in the same place at Frelia’s Random Thoughts. Yeah, this is a new appearance of Frelia’s blog, though it still under construction, but I’m glad to see my blog in a new look. I have some consideration regarding of my moving plan. […]

Annoying Page Rank Update

Finally, the time has comes for I waiting about 4 months. The Google Pagerank has updated entirely. But this time I got disappointed, not because that this blog’s PR didn’t restored, but a particular reason that just make me loss. Why? An unexpected thing was happened while the PR updated, just different than I was […]

My Life Controlled By Akiko Shikata

Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, I choose Akiko Shikata as my favorite singer. Pick one of her song and describe what I am thinking right now. Really, that’s harder than I thought. Pick Your Artist: Shikata Akiko. Are you male or female: AVE MARIA. Describe yourself: Nishikaze No Okurimono (Gift From Western Wind). […]

Success Foundation in My Thought

What are you looking for in your life? How can you achieve them all with your own hand in your business? What kind of business do you want to build and develop? Why? What’s your motivation for keep alive? Too many questions? I believe that you must be have a core values, the most important […]

Page Rank Update

I know that I have been late to know about this. Several days ago, I noticed about Google page rank update. I checked my blog and Google have mercy to grant me page rank 2. Thanks God, finally I got my blog ranked after some post I wrote. Some of my friend’s blog have increased […]

Respect Your Teacher!

Showing respect for every people is reflecting your own character. You are more likely to gain respect for yourself by showing it to others. I know you don’t always have to agree with a person, but you should show respect for everyone. It shows you have a good character, and will help them respect you […]

The folly of pocky

Pocky is the equivalent of Mikado for European people! These are very fine sticks usually covered with chocolate or strawberry, hazelnut … It’s very famous in Japan, the Mikado at French. Today, I wanted to tell you about the Deco Den on Pocky is a kind of food DecoDen. The Japanese Pocky decorate with glitter […]

Bloggers and the blogs after death

What is a blog after the death of the blogger? Presumably it is something insignificant, but a blog is a bit of our life. Imagine all these articles and comments have generated heated discussions. How to leave the state? A blog about quitting is a sad spectacle! One technique is to publish an article-will that […]

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