Creating Your Own Personalized Swag

The purpose of making the design on your own mug is to personalize it. First, you’re going to need a great scanner so you can scan an image to use on the mug. Just check out some of these great scanning software reviews! I have no doubt that you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. The software can be as simple as you want it to completely customizable allowing you a diverse selection of scanning options. Therefore, you can distinguish your own mug with others. It is your creativity to make the design as you like. You can apply some materials in the mug like your picture imprint, your own photograph, your own painting or other artistic sketches. You can follow some manners to design your own mug below. The most popular picture imprint is the picture of the owner kiss. If you want to apply this sketch, you can practice some manners stated as follows. Apply the lipstick on your lips first before you blot your lips on a white paper.

It is purposed to leave an imprint of your own lips on the paper. Let the paper dry, and then scan it in the photo scanner. Edit this image in your computer to set its size with your own mug. Then, print the image in vinyl transfer paper and let it dry for minutes. Cut the image of your kiss in the vinyl paper by leaving some inches from the edge of the image. Place the vinyl paper against the surface of your own mug. The following activity, melt the image on the vinyl paper into the mug by using the heat gun. Let if for about 15 minutes before you peel the paper strip from the mug in order to expose your own kiss on the mug.

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