How to protect yourself nowadays

In today’s increasingly dangerous world, most of us disregard news stories about assaults, failing to consider that we may one day be a victim. You should probably make your personal safety a higher priority—after all, according to the NYC Against Rape Organization, 1.3 American women are sexually assaulted every minute.

Below are listed several self defense tips to help you be prepared in the event of an attack.

1. Maintain Circumspection
Try to maintain a constant awareness of your surroundings whenever you are outside of your home. Being circumspect may require that you change your perception of your lifestyle—for example, if you wear earbuds or text while in public, please stop. Any criminal passing you may decide to target you as a distracted victim.

2. Be Mentally Aware
Try to avoid potentially hazardous situations, such as running or nighttime shopping. Always have an attack plan stored in the back of your mind, just in case someone targets you. Think to yourself, “What will I do if I’m followed? What if someone trips me up or grabs my arm?” Storing your planned reactions in the back of your mind will be a great help if someone attacks you.

3. Resist
If you are attacked, sudden and violent resistance is key to make the assailant give up and go home. If you carry a gun for self defense (or plan to do so), spend enough time at the range to become comfortable using it. Always keep your gun cleaned for optimum accuracy. For more information on gun cleaning kits, click here.

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