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11 tips to make your blog caressed by Google in the right direction of hair growth

Having a blog is a great thing. Say you write for your readers is a stunning experience. For my part, I wonder still be present on the Web. Blogging has become a real pleasure for me. And even if I took a spanking on my traffic by Granpa Google, I used to try anything to […]

5 key questions blogger would ask

Start blogging is not an easy task. Moreover, many young bloggers throw in the towel after a few months … only. Why? Keeping a blog is a great adventure. You make meetings (real and virtual), you make friends (and enemies), you give your opinion on what you want (or not), in short, you become blogger […]

5 surprising ways to simplify writing a blog

More and more bloggers are trying to hold their own game Blogging has become a fashion, just being equipped with an iPhone (ouch, I’m going to type here icon smile 5 surprising ways to simplify the writing a blog post). The problem is to write, write, and write again. Writing is one of the first […]

10 steps to make sure before publishing a blog

Publish an article may be more complicated than expected. Although there is not much to do, I advise you to check carefully the steps below. They will help you avoid some common mistakes and ensure the success of your article! You know like me the phrase “prevention is better than cure”. For an item is […]

20 tips to stay motivated in blogging

I’ve already said, I think blogger as the best job in the world! But it happens a few times of not knowing exactly where you are going. If you are in this case, here are 20 tips to stay motivated in the blogging …

5 Ways to take a break from blogging (without losing your readers)

The blogger is a bit special profession. Sitting behind the screen, it takes a real pleasure to share their daily life. News, reviews, test, tutorial or other, They love their readers more than anything. In fact, you are even as a kind of second family for him. No way you give during the holidays. Can […]

5 golden rules for success with a blog

The success of a blog is the result of several months of work. In this article, I will not give you a recipe, I just share with you a little bit of my experience. Some keys that you will undoubtedly embrace success. For you to be creative and shake a little luck. Your blog is […]

5 crucial questions to ask yourself before to open a blog

Many people around me now know that behind this blog. It does not displease me, quite the contrary. I’m proud of what I have accomplished in two years of blogging, and now I’m gone over “advice”. Also, if the mood takes you, I invite you to ask yourself these five crucial issues before opening a […]

5 reasons to take a rest from blogging during the summer

This year I have 5 weeks of vacation: 3 weeks of statutory leave and two weeks of paternity leave (yes, it’s good to be a youth). And one thing for sure is that I do not intend to spend the 5 weeks of vacation to scratch behind my computer to find you a good article! […]

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