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Chinese Drywall Problems

Chinese Drywall, today’s topic to be discussed in this blog. Like the plague, with devastating consequences, mere words can destroy the value of houses in affected communities. The houses are considered guilty by association, forcing homeowners, already struggling with the housing market to bottom, to deal with houses affect the welfare of sick family, manufacturers […]

To Protect Your Precious Family

I’m so sad when hearing about criminal scheme happens in people’s house. Theft and robbery become the major criminal actions since economic crisis occurs in my country. In order to survive in such financial difficulties, few people could do something bad to fulfilling their thirst about money. In this situation, I just understand with their […]

The Importance of Your Credit Score

I wonder why must people improve their credit score. That’s for defend their financial status from unexpected things like bankruptcy and defisit. When someone has a bad credit, they would have some financial difficulties such taking a loan. In this case, the credit score become a consideration for some loan providers. Your loan request may […]

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