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Annoying Page Rank Update

Finally, the time has comes for I waiting about 4 months. The Google Pagerank has updated entirely. But this time I got disappointed, not because that this blog’s PR didn’t restored, but a particular reason that just make me loss. Why? An unexpected thing was happened while the PR updated, just different than I was […]

Drive Your Alexa By Entrecard

Using Entrecard for driving Alexa rank is one of the most effective way for me. By register your blog and put Entrecard widget on mt blog, I got my new blog’s Alexa rank that previously about 9 millions was changed to 900.000 in 3 days. Wow, so effective and efficient I think. Thus, nothing is […]

Page Rank Update

I know that I have been late to know about this. Several days ago, I noticed about Google page rank update. I checked my blog and Google have mercy to grant me page rank 2. Thanks God, finally I got my blog ranked after some post I wrote. Some of my friend’s blog have increased […]

The Importance of Your Credit Score

I wonder why must people improve their credit score. That’s for defend their financial status from unexpected things like bankruptcy and defisit. When someone has a bad credit, they would have some financial difficulties such taking a loan. In this case, the credit score become a consideration for some loan providers. Your loan request may […]

Business Card Printing

This time, I want to discussing about something called business card printing. It maybe similar about make wedding invitation I discussed yesterday. But the difference is about business purpose. Nowadays, printing companies are specialized themself into several product and services, as they have evolved through the years. So much innovation they has made about printing […]

Enhance Your Alexa Rank Drastically

If you want to participate in “get paid to review” programs, Alexa rank is an important things and obliged for you to fulfill. As you know about Alexa, more traffic on your blog, higher your Alexa rank. Some advertisers have consideration about this, so they will value your blog as it worth your Alexa rank. […]

Credit Card Comparison For The Best Interest Rate

Nowadays, make a transaction on marketplace is more simple and easier with a credit cards. Most people using this as an application for ease and quicken their transactions. So many credit cards like Mastercard and VISA are available worldwide and used by million people. Some banks offers credit cards application for their customers. Why do […]

Tool For Counting Words

This time I want to add new facility in this blog, a tool for counting words. This tool is very useful for counting your amount of words in your post, especially for you who do a paid post. Usually, advertisers want your post with current word count, isn’t it? So, you can feel free to […]

Make “Recent Comments” Widget For Your Blog

To put “recent comments” widget is used for make your visitors know about anyone who has given us a comment in one of our blog post. You can put this widget at your blog main page. This is the code for it : <script style=”text/javascript” src=””></script><script style=”text/javascript”>var a_rc=8;var m_rc=false;var n_rc=true;var o_rc=40;</script><script src=””> </script> The 8 […]

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