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MultCloud, manage online storage services (Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive …)

Storage services online are now more numerous. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. This is probably why you have several … like me! This is frankly not easy to switch from one service to another. That is why MultCloud will centralize your data to manage your services online storage …

Your blog is drowning! Here are 6 tips to avoid sinking like the Titanic

Stalled? You have opened a blog and you’re not sure how to do it? Do not panic, take a deep breath, Relax yourself, it’ll be okay! Here are 6 tips to not fail in blogging …

5 tools to manage a perfectly Twitter profile

Twitter is a great social network. It offers an online service with constant news flow. However, it lacks many options to the original service. Alerts, analysis, cleaning, many extras that would not be too much! To fill these gaps, here are 5 tools to manage perfectly a Twitter profile …

Postpone, free online service to manage a list of tasks and be productive

Productivity requires above all a good organization. And who said “organization” often called “task list”. For my part, that’s how I work. There daily I need a tool with my articles and things to do. Although I found my happiness with Omnifocus, sometimes I look at it is the neighbor. Today I discovered Postpone, a […]

6 WordPress Plugins For Twitter

After you have met 6 plugins for Facebook, I told myself to do the same for Twitter was the logical continuation of things! Of course, there are too many plugins to be able to list them all in one article. Here are 6 WordPress plugins for Twitter …

WordPress for Android

WordPress for Android is now available after several months of development. Returning to the source code of the old application “WpToGo” WordPress publishes first stable release of Android. This first version allows you to manage your WordPress blog from your phone using Android. For a first version, the application is sufficiently complete to add and […]

Integrate Google Buzz and WordPress blog

Following the release of Google Buzz, there are already some plugins to integrate this new tool in your WordPress blog. Google Buzz lets you share text information, photos, links and everything else. Integrated into Gmail, it allows you to keep abreast of publications your Gmail contacts. Google Buzz Button is a plugin that allows you […]

Greatest Companies in Web Hosting

For supporting your business online, you must need the service of web hosting. It can help you to build page or pages in your web site so that there will be many internet users that can reach your web site to get information that you have or product that you provide. Moreover, in order to […]

Tips for choosing the numbers for new home

If you’re like most people who cannot even think of house numbers until you find a particular address. Many people only see as a need that it is easier for others to find your home and that’s why custom house numbers is essential for you. For example, to supply the new friends to your address […]

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