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5 tips for more “views” on YouTube

For more than a year and a half, I often publish video tutorials on Youtube. The experience is really rewarding and I have very good returns. The tutorials cover various topics such as WordPress, social networks, or the Internet in general. For maximum impact, I try to optimize my presence on platforms for sharing videos. […]

11 tips to make your blog caressed by Google in the right direction of hair growth

Having a blog is a great thing. Say you write for your readers is a stunning experience. For my part, I wonder still be present on the Web. Blogging has become a real pleasure for me. And even if I took a spanking on my traffic by Granpa Google, I used to try anything to […]

10 IMPORTANT things you too often forgotten as a blogger

Although no one has yet found the magic solution to the first position in the search engines, however, there are some tips that, when implemented, allow you to stand out. Yet I know that some bloggers (which you may read me) sometimes forget the basics. This is not a magic potion, it was written simply […]

My Thought About Portugal Vacation

Do you know about a country named Portugal? Yeah, if you are football mania, the first name you remember about this country is Cristiano Ronaldo, a famous footballer who will compete with MU. Hahaha, actually I don’t have interest about football, but other side of Portugal could be interesting for me and for everyone. Beside […]

Shopping Online At Shopwiki

Finally, after a long hibernation from my blogging activity, I want to back again to explore on internet marketplace. This time, I want to looking for some accessories through internet. Who knows, there are something interesting I can get there. When I do search on search engine, I’m excited about a site called Shopwiki. Since […]

Fave Me On Technorati

There so many ways that bloggers can do to increase their blog status instead post more articles and keep it updated such as blogwalking, link exchange, and giving comments at another blogs. The main purpose of these ways is for increase traffic and page rank. For those who wants to monetize their blog, of course […]

The Toolbox for Webmasters

The job of Webmaster is not an easy one. Between the creation, integration and development of a website, you need many tools to arrive at something clean. The problem is that you know the best addresses. Now, you will have to retain only one: The Toolbox, a veritable toolbox for the Webmaster … The Toolbox […]

Bloggers: Here are 10 important things you forget too often

Although nobody has yet found the silver bullet to the first position in search engines, there are however some tips that, once implemented, allow you to stand out. Yet I know some bloggers (you who read me may sometimes forget the basics. This article is not a magic potion, it was written simply to put […]

Buy Used Fords Instead Brand Name Cars

We use cars for our transportation and several purpose. For all of your needs, why not to get some car for you? Most of you must be feels that impossible to buy a brand new car by cash because of your financial status. Yeah I know and understand that’s an impossible to you right now, […]

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