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5 tips for more “views” on YouTube

For more than a year and a half, I often publish video tutorials on Youtube. The experience is really rewarding and I have very good returns. The tutorials cover various topics such as WordPress, social networks, or the Internet in general. For maximum impact, I try to optimize my presence on platforms for sharing videos. […]

24 mini tips to effectively manage a WordPress blog

Managing a blog effectively is not given to everyone. Yet, with a little organization and rules, you can actually give your maximum. Success is nothing to play! To help you grow your small platform here 24 mini tips to effectively manage a WordPress blog …

10 IMPORTANT things you too often forgotten as a blogger

Although no one has yet found the magic solution to the first position in the search engines, however, there are some tips that, when implemented, allow you to stand out. Yet I know that some bloggers (which you may read me) sometimes forget the basics. This is not a magic potion, it was written simply […]

8 checkpoints before clicking on the “Publish” button on a WordPress blog

A blog requires a lot of work. If you post daily, so keep an eye on everything. Of course, the routine sets in and you forget the main small checks. Nothing too serious, but errors for which you could intervene before make them. History to restore some things in their place, I found good to […]

7 tricks to attract 100,000 visitors per month on a blog

Here are 7 tricks to attract 100,000 visitors per month on a blog. Enjoy the reading.

10 steps to get traffic from YouTube

YouTube is the site to share the world’s most popular video! This is a great place to publish your own video content in order to drive traffic to your blog. I describe in this article some tips tested by yours truly! Here are 10 steps to attract traffic from YouTube …

5 misconceptions of apprentice blogger

Many bloggers have landed in recent years. However, most of them came with a slightly distorted reality. They were likely to fall into the trap of “easy blogging.” Blame it on a lot of quacks who hang and make you swallow everything and anything (I gained $ 500 000 with my blog … It reminds […]

Network Solutions online marketing

Network Solutions online marketing will give your business the advantage against your competition. It will improve your business’s search engine rankings as well as get it listed in local search directories. You and your employees may not have the time or expertise to promote your business in the hundreds of places online that you need […]

Some essential WordPress plugin for SEO optimize

Wordpress is not only known for its ease of installation and use, but also for his ability to optimize for SEO. Since it is an open source, many developers and SEO experts have developed plug-ins for WordPress improve your organic search. In this note, I will share my favorite WordPress 6 applications for SEO.

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