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Optimize your images with SEO Friendly Image plugin

Optimizing images of a blog is a very important thing. Many people use Google images to find specific. Optimization can of course be done manually (by adding the appropriate tags) but it would take a lot of time. Fortunately, SEO Friendly Image plugin is responsible to fill automatically. As we are all lazy, I’m sure […]

5 key questions blogger would ask

Start blogging is not an easy task. Moreover, many young bloggers throw in the towel after a few months … only. Why? Keeping a blog is a great adventure. You make meetings (real and virtual), you make friends (and enemies), you give your opinion on what you want (or not), in short, you become blogger […]

8 checkpoints before clicking on the “Publish” button on a WordPress blog

A blog requires a lot of work. If you post daily, so keep an eye on everything. Of course, the routine sets in and you forget the main small checks. Nothing too serious, but errors for which you could intervene before make them. History to restore some things in their place, I found good to […]

7 signs that prove you’re not a good blogger

Why do I feel like I’m getting hit on the head with this article title? As I already see some come with their large hooves, I prefer to make things clear from the start: No, I’m not one to say that you’re a bad blogger. No, I do not consider myself a good blogger! Now […]

20 ways to fail in blogging

Blogging, it is not so simple as that in looks. Between fishing for information, writing, formatting of the article, optimization and promotion, there is not much time for yourself. Many rubs to blogging, but very few succeeded. Moreover, most beginners bloggers throw in the towel after a few months. History to take the lead, I […]

Matt Cutts explains the connection between PageRank and Twitter!

Since Twitter is indexed in real time the results of the search engine Google, many people are engaged in the systematic dissemination of their articles through the microblogging webware. A kind of a real time sitemap. Especially since it is not uncommon to find Twitter profile pages with a PageRank of 4 even though they […]

8 crucial steps to implement after installing WordPress

After installing WordPress, you still have a long way to go before reaching the top! Even if all the bloggers will tell you that “WordPress is a great platform,” she wonders, however, a few personal touches. You installed WordPress and be ready to start? Check these 8 key steps to implement after installing WordPress :

A Way to Promote E-commerce Business Using SEO

The good thing about build new business is there is one option which is not limited to real world. What I intend to explain from that sentence is you can build new business through internet world, one which is already familiar under the name of e-commerce business. Same as “common” business which its owner might build […]

Hiring an SEO Consultant

Hiring an SEO consultant to handle the natural position of the company is a decision as important as hiring a sales manager or accountant to take you the taxes. Many can improve the visibility and reputation of your site, but can also wreak havoc. Thus, we must learn to hire. In most cases, the usual […]

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