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13 tips to make 2014 your best year of blogging

Beginning of each year brings new resolutions. We take to be like everyone else, and they never take … like everyone else too! With 2014 coming around the corner, it’s time to make a big decision and stick to it: make 2014 your best year of blogging! To help you, here are 13 tips …

The best and worst moments to post on social networks

Your social strategy should go through a thorough study of the best hours of publication on social networks. You will find in this infographic below the best and worst times to post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. Of course, these statistics are based on all internet users, and not on your target audience. […]

12 surprising statistics on Facebook

Facebook is the social network of all records. With more than 1.15 billion users, we owe him respect! 12 figures and statistics that I will present below are from August 2013. And they are surprising to say the least …

10 steps to make sure before publishing a blog

Publish an article may be more complicated than expected. Although there is not much to do, I advise you to check carefully the steps below. They will help you avoid some common mistakes and ensure the success of your article! You know like me the phrase “prevention is better than cure”. For an item is […]

5 tools to manage a perfectly Twitter profile

Twitter is a great social network. It offers an online service with constant news flow. However, it lacks many options to the original service. Alerts, analysis, cleaning, many extras that would not be too much! To fill these gaps, here are 5 tools to manage perfectly a Twitter profile …

Firefox is used by 30% of world population

Firefox keeps on winning market share. Indeed, a new study has just fallen and said that nearly one third of the population uses the Web browser Firefox. The study was conducted with various companies like StatCounter, Quantcast, Net Applications and Gemius. The result is clear: Firefox has won the heart of 30% of the world […]

Assaults Mozilla Firefox users with great blows of Pop-ups!

While the festival is in full swing within the company Mozilla to celebrate 100 million downloads of its open-source browser Firefox 3.6, has an ambitious plan to emerge: to convince all users use the latest version 3.6. In fact, statistics reveal that many users are still using version 3 or 3.5. Mozilla does not go […]

How long for a successful blog?

Well, I’m tired! I have so many questions by email on the time required for a successful blog that I am an article. Many say: “My blog has been around 3 years and I have nothing! ” The blog or site is a project in the long term, so not worth waiting for results within […]

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