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5 reasons to practice Guest Blogging

The guest articles are perfect for a young beginner blogger. Just landed in the Internet arena, it is faced with a big problem: how to find my blog? While some solutions exist to create fitted audience, there is one that I have not found equivalent: Guest article (also called Guest Blogging). To prove the benefits […]

What rating would you get for social networks test?

A blog is nothing without its paraphernalia of social networks. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the rest must of course be part of your social strategy. Just to see where you are with social networking, I invite you to test Cool Social, a free site that lets you reveal your social presence …

5 tools to manage a perfectly Twitter profile

Twitter is a great social network. It offers an online service with constant news flow. However, it lacks many options to the original service. Alerts, analysis, cleaning, many extras that would not be too much! To fill these gaps, here are 5 tools to manage perfectly a Twitter profile …

5 basic tips for better use of Twitter

With a thorough knowledge of Twitter, you can increase your level of interaction with your subscribers. However, the fault is not far. So before losing dozens of subscribers, I invite you to read this article: 5 basic tips for better use of Twitter … 1. Regularly publish Each account is different. However, to prove your […]

Page Rank Update

I know that I have been late to know about this. Several days ago, I noticed about Google page rank update. I checked my blog and Google have mercy to grant me page rank 2. Thanks God, finally I got my blog ranked after some post I wrote. Some of my friend’s blog have increased […]

10 tips to becoming a productive blogger

I often hear people say they have no time to do. In fact, it’s not time they need, it’s just a total restructuring of the way they work. As some of you know, I have two sisters. Still, my pace of writing remains constant: 1 item per day. That’s a lot of work I admit, […]

Blogging is (not) your life

Some blogging out of passion, others to make money, and finally the last attempt to reconcile the two. What a beautiful art that you can write what you love while getting paid? But some bloggers think they are so serious that they forget to live. They believe that their blog is their life, and they […]

Migrating from Blogger to WordPress without losing the Google Page Rank

The goal: Your blog is hosted by the platform Blogger, but you now want to move this blog to WordPress with a personal domain name as The problem: provides an option to automatically import all your old posts and comments from Blogger in your new WordPress blog but there are some major […]

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