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63% of companies have multiple accounts on Twitter

Dell, the American multinational IT company, has 44 different accounts on Twitter! You find it shocking? Not me! Indeed, a study by Brandwatch shows that 63% of companies have multiple accounts on Twitter …

Firefox is used by 30% of world population

Firefox keeps on winning market share. Indeed, a new study has just fallen and said that nearly one third of the population uses the Web browser Firefox. The study was conducted with various companies like StatCounter, Quantcast, Net Applications and Gemius. The result is clear: Firefox has won the heart of 30% of the world […]

Packers And Movers In Boston

Moving to a new address can be a very overwhelming and stressful. In fact, it is an important commitment, because it creates many secondary problems during the process of moving. As you move to a new destination you have different tasks. For example … • the packaging of household items • Organize vehicles adapted for […]

Free Apartment Locating

When you looking for an apartment through internet, you must be searched for an apartment locator first. Generally, Free Apartment Locating is the most that people looking for. However, are they really free? So, I would like to explain what an Apartment Locators is. Why were they free to you, and how they could be […]

ADT Home Security System

Once more, I would like to discuss something related with technology in our daily life. Something important that people must consider in their lives is about their security and protection. Sometimes we often forgot about this things in your daily activity. Unfortunately, a bad guy such as burglars or thief take advantage from our idleness, […]

How to get whey protein supplements

Some men think that by having more muscles mass, they can attract more women into their life and they can be more famous than before. Some other men think that their life has changed as they could be more confident when they have more muscles mass in their body. What about you? are you also […]

How to submit your blog to Google News

Google News is a service that provides a compilation of articles published by many news sources speaking from 8 categories headlights: In one, International, United States, Business, Science / Tech, Sports, Culture and Health. If you treat one of these categories, it would be wise to submit your site or blog. Here are a few […]

Facebook, The Most Visited After Google

Facebook! The month of January was fateful for Yahoo! since it just passed on the third place behind the social network Facebook, which is the second most visited site in the United States after Google … The data come from the firm and reveals two distinct things:

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